A Little Sweetness for Your Life




Vanilla: Available with chocolate or vanilla butter cream

Chocolate: Available with vanilla or chocolate butter cream

Specialty Cupcakes

Carrot: Classic cake with a cream cheese frosting

Red Velvet: Dark and Moist, with classic cream cheese frosting

Lemon: Fresh lemon cakes with a lemon butter cream and fresh lemon zest

Peppermint: Chocolate or vanilla with peppermint infusion andpeppermint butter cream

Gingerbread: Warm up with a nostalgic cake, served with a maple cream cheese frosting

German Chocolate: Sweet chocolate cake with a coconut pecan frosting

Coconut: Coconut cake with a creamy  coconut topping

Sweet Potato: A lightly spiced sweet potato cake with a marshmallow cream topping and a fabulous cinnamon walnut sugar streusel topping

Black and White Sesame Cupcake: Savory cupcake with toasted black and white sesame seeds, topped in a white chocolate cream cheese frosting. As stunning as it is tasty

Maple Bacon: Maple syrup infused cakebaked with bacon bits, topped in a maple butter cream frosting. Garnished with a sea salt,  turbinado sugar confetti and a bacon wedge

Prickly Pear Cupcake: A perfectly spiced fresh pear cake, topped in a light sauvignon blanc butter cream

Chocolate Royale: Chocolate cake with a chocolate butter cream, with a fruity garnish of Trix cereal

Paonia Peach: Vanilla cake studded with local peaches, topped in a honey cream cheese frosting and fresh pear garnish. Seasonal

Chocolate Cherry: Chocolate cherry cake topped in a dark chocolate frosting with a fresh, localblack cherry topper. Seasonal

Corrie's Caramel Cake: Sweet pecan cake topped in handmade caramel and cream cheese frosting with a pecan garnish.... just like Minnie's, only smaller....

Chocolate Peanut Butter : Rich chocolate cake filled with peanut butter ganache, topped in a peanut butter frosting, garnished with a chocolate curl and a touch of sea salt.

Dark Chocolate Chili:Rich chunky chocolate cake spiced with cinnamon, cayenne, and chili Powder. Hot!

Strawberry Basil: basil infused cake, with a fresh strawberry basil frosting, topped in a fresh basil leaf

Key Lime Pie Cupcake: Key lime cake, topped in a sweet cream cheese and Key lime zest

Jalapeno Cheddar: jalapeno studded cake with a cream cheese sharp cheddar frosting

Candy Cake: your choice of chocolate or vanilla cake, studded with tiny bits of the candy of your choice. Topped in either vanilla or chocolate frosting and a chunk of the desired candy

Pumpkin spice cake: moist pumpkin cake, topped in a cardamom vanilla cream cheese frosting

White Chocolate Poppy seed: poppy seed cake, raspberry filling, white chocolate cream cheese frosting

Additional Options:

Fruit Fillings: Raspberry, Blueberry

Party Packs

Created for those over 21, these cupcakes bring the cocktail to the dessert table.

Use your imaginations, Substitutions are possible!

Lemon Twist: Fresh lemon cakes with an Absolut Citron Infusion, served with a tangy Lemon Citron butter cream.

Mudslide: A rich Kahlua and Baileys  Chocolate cake with a chocolate  filling, topped in a decadent butter cream made with Kahlua, Bailey's and dark chocolate

Champagne: Sweet champagne cakes served with an airy champagne frosting, berries optional

Dark and Stormy: Dark rum and ginger cakes topped in a in an intense ginger rum butter cream. Garnished withfresh lime

Cosmopolitan: Sweet cranberry andlime cake with a vodka tinged cranberry lime frosting, garnished with fresh lime.