A Little Sweetness for Your Life

Cupcakes called to me from the moment the craze hit the country. I started baking to share these delicious desserts with the Gunnion Valley. In 2010, Crested Butte Cupcakes began sharing a taste of the dessert that is sweet, fun, sometimes edgy and always known as a term of endearment. At the Crested Butte Farmers Market in the Spring of 2011 we shared the gospel of tiny, delicious and flavorful custom cupcakes. Now that we are no longer at the Farmers Market, we bake cupcakes for all occasions & special events- whether it be a birthday, a party or a Crested Butte Film Festival red carpet event. My flavor philosophy is simple- use fresh &  local ingredients when possible; incorporate fun and creative ideas that compliment one another; and enjoy the delicious simplicity of old fashioned baked goods that make people happy!


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